Ippon Matsu Beer

Brewed with Purpose

Difference we made.


The people of Rikuzentakata send their warmest regards and thanks to the Ippon Matsu
community. Your continuing support is bringing new hope into their lives. Arigato!

The Beer Styles.

And now, our next steps.

Our sincerest thanks to everyone that has been inquiring about getting their own bottle of Ippon Matsu Beer and helping our cause. Unfortunately, our production capacity is very limited and, at this time, all of our bottles have been reserved. However, this is actually a good thing! Due to your support and growing demand, we’ve decided to take the next steps in spreading our message. We are now looking for a brewery to collaborate with. Please support us in our new venture by joining our movement!

Become part of the movement.

Help us share our message with the world and show everyone how big our community is. Take a photo of your empty beer glass, tag it with “#IWantIpponMatsuBeer” and we’ll post it.